Night Time Thoughts

Laying here wondering how I can have everything else in this world except love and a companion. Doesn’t make sense. Then I ask, am I willing to trade it all for that? Times like now, yes. Wondering why the guys I have dated in the past have left me for not as attractive guys. Or not successful guys. Or just drop off the face of the planet with no closure and no warning. Why some guys can not have an education or a job and just be pretty and live life to the extreme and party all the time with no worries or repercussions. Why I tend to always put all my eggs into one basket. Why I get excited and hopeful and day dream when a guy does give me the slightest bit of attention. Why I tend to scare guys away so often. Why I love so hard. You know, the usual

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TBH, I don’t know what love feels like anymore…
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I’ve been alone with you inside my mind… And in my dreams I’ve kissed your lips a thousand times
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